Business data analytics and controlling software

Upon™Stat is a visual, easy-to-use software that retrieves data from your existing systems (in real-time) and generates detailed reports, graphs, and notifications if there's an issue.

And that's not all!

This is UponStat: the software that makes data-based decision making more human, faster and easier, the future of corporate data analysis. Scroll down and learn about this tool designed specifically for managers!

Groundbreaking solutions

This is a real breakthrough in the world of controlling and management software. It makes many processes that are traditionally done manually, automatic and real-time.

Support and trainings

We provide assistance and development, as well as customized solutions to connect your corporate management and other systems with the UponStat software.

Security of your data

We are aware that data security is one of the most important aspects of digitalization, so we use high-quality security solutions.

Here are some key features

The features of the UponStat software have been developed almost exclusively on the request of our customers, continuously assessing their needs.

Information cards
Take a quick look at the status of the areas. How is your revenue compared to the previous period and the previous year.

This is the main graph of a specific department or area statistics. It is able to show trends compared to the previous period and the previous year.

Find out why your statistics are just like that. With the UponStat software, you have the opportunity to dig deep into statistics. This is called "drill-down" in industry jargon.

Profit and best-selling products (Pareto)
The Pareto principle states that 80% of your revenue comes from 20% of your products. This list shows which products brought the most revenue, based on sales volume and quantity.

Customizable search
This customizable search shows any information about the searched product.

System administration
You can fine-tune the UponStat with the detailed admin interface. You can manage statistics, user rights, notifications, etc.

Data organization and categorization
Organizing data hierarchically is easy with the drag and drop method.

Quick buttons for the desired period
Select the day, week, month or year you want to examine.

We help where we can! With one click, the interface can be converted to high contrast mode for colorblind or visually impaired people.

Statisticsmade simple, automated

Get rid of sheets made too late and with too much work, fine-tune your business in real-time and feel safe.

Why choose the UponStat system?

Less unnecessary work, safer company management, even fewer error possibilities.

Most of the company management systems available on the market only allow for data input. If we need quick information, reports, etc., one of our employees can spend hours extracting data. This hides a lot of error possibilities.

Finally, here is a system that combines the most tedious but essential management tasks, such as graphs, reports, statistics, error messages, on an easy-to-use interface.

All of this is done on an ergonomic, customized interface and is based on your existing systems, not to mention that few systems are able to notify you if something is wrong.

How does it work?

The UponStat software is connected to your existing ERP, CRM, accounting, production tracking, etc. systems.

  1. The software regularly synchronizes and organizes the data.
  2. It checks that all values are within the defined minimum and maximum (e.g. daily sales). If not, it sends a notification to the specified people (e.g. sales manager).
  3. It displays the data on a customized, easy-to-use interface that can be browsed.
  4. It sends weekly and monthly reports based on the set parameters.
  5. Thanks to advanced rights management, every employee only has access to the information and interfaces relevant to them.
What is controlling?

Controlling encompasses the processes of goal determination, planning and control (in the sense of direction and regulation) in the areas of finance and production.

Controlling also includes activities such as decision-making, interpretation and focusing.

Therefore, management must deal with controlling activities, as they need to determine what goals need to be achieved within what cost limits and of what size. The responsibility for the achieved results lies with them. That's why this leadership activity should be carried out by every company, even small businesses.


Try it out!

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The implementation of UponStat in your company

We are happy to share our experiences so far in order to make the most of the opportunities that your data provides.

The process starts with a thorough survey, where you tell us what key data and indicators (KPI) you want to see displayed in real-time.

Survey of existing systems

In this phase, we examine what data your existing software contains and what can be extracted from them. We coordinate with the developers of ERP and other systems about the possibilities of extracting data.

Finalizing goals and implementation plan

We provide a detailed project plan that includes your well-defined needs and the implementation process, as well as a description of the finished product.

Development and communication

During the development time, we work closely with you and the operators of your software to ensure that the end result is exactly what you expect from us.

Data check

We thoroughly organize the data that enters UponStat, which we continuously check for accuracy with the help of your colleagues.

Customization of interface and reports

Once all the data is in place, the process of creating customized statistics, graphs, and reports that provide real-time insight into your business areas as outlined begins.

Testing and optimization

As the project draws to a close, it becomes clear what can be improved. Don't worry, we will make the necessary adjustments!

Employee training, setting up user rights

Managers, agents, production leaders, accounting department; we will provide everyone with the knowledge materials, statistics, and the appropriate rights to assist in their work.

Support and updates

We won't let go of your hand! After the implementation, we will be happy to assist you if you need any help or if you want to implement new updates.

Indicators that a system is working well:

  1. It relieves the burden on business owners and employees
  2. Brings stability and predictability to the company's operations
  3. Makes departments more autonomous by automating routine tasks
  4. Supports growth and development, rather than limiting it
  5. Gives you a competitive advantage over rivals
  6. Facilitates outsourcing and overall organization
  7. Helps with delegation of tasks
  8. Guides decision-making in a forward-thinking way
  9. Provides a sense of security and better control

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